What Makes Humanist Meditation Different?

I get asked this question a lot.

It is ALL about the philosophy that serves as the fundamental base for the meditation practice.

Humanist Meditation IS different in that I teach a philosophy that not only makes the meditation more effective, but instills the values of equanimity and loving-kindness into the students’ everyday lives. That’s significant.

People can most definitely use meditation practice to make themselves more effective at just about anything, including things that are NOT in the interests of others but only for personal gain. Instilling the values of equanimity and loving-kindness precludes that so that people tend to be more compassionate and patient with regular practice. I’ve had clients who found that to be true with only a few weeks of practice. It clearly makes a difference in the way people approach their regular meditation practice and gives a strong incentive to keep practicing.

. . .people tend to be more compassionate and patient with regular practice


Another important difference that we bring is the time spent on teaching how to stay focused longer, with a variety of forms, and spending time discussing the experiences that we had after every meditation during the session. Some people seem to be intimidated by the length of the sessions (often two-hours) before signing up, but with this format, nearly every participant is surprised at how fast it seems to be over. It is definitely time well spent!

If you have been curious at all about exploring Humanist Meditation and the unique ways it helps people in their daily lives, please join me for one of our FREE Saturday sessions – currently being held via Zoom.  These sessions are different in that I provide a guided meditation, but also offer tips for better meditation and we have interactive discussion (optional participation) about current topics and the Humanist philosophy.  It’s a great way to become familiar with the practice!

Let me know you are attending a Saturday session by RSVP’ing via MeetUp:  https://www.meetup.com/Humanist-Meditation/events/  I will then send you the Zoom invitation!

To your well-being,

I am offering all meditation sessions via Zoom. Simply register as usual on my “Book Now” page – you will then receive a link to your session. Any questions, please contact me.

If you are uncomfortable with your ability to pay for any session, please contact me to discuss other options. I am committed to providing access for everyone!

All First Responders and Veterans

Attention all first responders and veterans! I am offering a 20% discount for all of my sessions. Please contact me directly and we will get you registered at the discounted rate.