Growing During A Pandemic

Growing during a pandemic? This might seem like a bit of an oxymoron but there is an interesting explanation in this context. One of the things that the Humanist Meditation studio has experienced during this time of stay-at-home orders and quarantining is that the physical studio has been temporarily shut down and online sessions have become a very regular thing. With that, the approach to sessions had to change since bells, gongs and other sound meditations became a bit of a challenge.

But we did manage to pull through. With the use of the Zoom app, people from all over have been able to join in even while physically being at the studio would have been very difficult due to the commute distances involved. We are able to reach more people this way and we’ve even managed to pull off some sound meditations anyway with a bit of ingenuity and sound recording/processing software. Yay! We may be somewhat limited but this has opened up other possibilities for the future when things get back to normal, including being able to bring live sessions to people who live too far away to make the trek to the studio.

. . . reaching people who need the tools to cope with isolation . . .


Another thing that became apparent during this crisis is the stark reminder that teaching meditation is really a serious passion of mine. I have found that what’s most important to me is reaching people who need the tools to cope with isolation and, as so many people have economic insecurity right now, I’m not so concerned about charging people. Obviously, I need to keep my lights on too but for those that can’t afford the regular course costs, I intend to provide access anyway.

So, not only have I experienced growth through the way I provide my sessions, I’ve experienced personal growth as well. I am glad for the reminder of what’s really important to me, even as I’m sad and concerned for the well-being of so many people.

I am offering all meditation sessions via Zoom. Simply register as usual on my “Book Now” page – you will then receive a link to your session. Any questions, please contact me.

If you are uncomfortable with your ability to pay for any session, please contact me to discuss other options. I am committed to providing access for everyone!

All First Responders and Veterans

Attention all first responders and veterans! I am offering a 20% discount for all of my sessions. Please contact me directly and we will get you registered at the discounted rate.