A Grateful Student, A Joyful Teacher

Part of the joy of teaching meditation infused with Humanist ideals is that I learn a bit myself, every time I teach.

Just the process of thinking about how to approach a session makes me think about unique approaches that further enhance the practitioner’s experience and explores new and invigorating methodologies to achieve a calm and peaceful mind that is more tolerant, compassionate and understanding.

I benefit from the process as well. I keep learning new things not only from the novel approaches but also from the discussions afterward.  The shared experiences of the attendees is always very gratifying to me and is one of the main reasons I love doing this so much.

Even though most of my exploration occurs during my open Saturday sessions, what I learn carries over into my regular classes as well. As structured as the classes are, the more I learn the more I can pass on to students who may be approaching this for the first time. And I’m more confident in the value of what I’m teaching.  I am an eternal student within my role as a teacher!  I have unending gratitude for my faithful followers who very readily share their experiences with me and the other attendees, and also offer suggestions, ideas and advice which is quite often very useful.

. . .I can do something so gratifying that also helps humanity.

And, to be fair, I also have unending gratitude for my coach who helped me to see that I can do something so gratifying that also helps humanity.  Humanist Meditation and the work I am doing now provides me with so much more JOY than the very long first career that I had in electronics!

To your well-being,


If you have been curious at all about exploring Humanist Meditation and the unique ways it helps people in their daily lives, please join me for one of our FREE Saturday sessions – currently being held via Zoom.  These sessions are different in that I provide a guided meditation, but also offer tips for better meditation and we have interactive discussion (optional participation) about current topics and the Humanist philosophy.  It’s a great way to become familiar with the practice!

Let me know you are attending a Saturday session by RSVP’ing via MeetUp:  https://www.meetup.com/Humanist-Meditation/events/  I will then send you the Zoom invitation!

I am offering all meditation sessions via Zoom. Simply register as usual on my “Book Now” page – you will then receive a link to your session. Any questions, please contact me.

If you are uncomfortable with your ability to pay for any session, please contact me to discuss other options. I am committed to providing access for everyone!

All First Responders and Veterans

Attention all first responders and veterans! I am offering a 20% discount for all of my sessions. Please contact me directly and we will get you registered at the discounted rate.