“The ‘audience feedback’ part after each meditation was really nice. It was a welcoming environment and I felt safe.” – Sarah Braden

“Presenter was very knowledgeable; Gave detailed explanations; Shared his own experiences.” – Anonymous

“Loved the fact-based (no woo-woo), benefits-focused presentation of meditation and how to use it in my life. Really stimulated my interest in meditation.” – Bill Oliphant

"This was an excellent experience, I’m a new with meditation and my fiancé has knowledge and has done it before was well. Richard is very good at explaining every meditation. I learned a lot!! And left with a lot of different tips on meditation. I’m very much excited on continuing with the methods that I learned. Thank you for your kindness and patience!" - Geraldine Langston

"I have attended both private and group humanist meditation sessions with Richard, and wish I had found this years ago. I appreciate his evidence based practices and the emphasis on kindness to self and others. The sessions are creative and filled with humor. My initial goals were to learn how to relax when I had trouble going to sleep, and to better let go of anger so I could move on constructively. I have been pleased to find as a side benefit, my ability to focus has improved as well. A great investment in yourself!" - Katy Heck